2013-05-31 v5.0.1 Restored widget function
Bug fixes
2013-05-28 v5.0.0 All new design (Android 2.3+ only)
2012-10-22 v4.3.2~v4.3.5 Numerous bug fixes.
2012-06-22 v4.3.1 r913 Fixed: crash issue on some devices
2012-06-13 v4.3.0 r905 New: Zoom controls
Fixed: Black screen on certain devices
Fixed: Inverted first and last names for contacts
2012-05-11 v4.2.5 r878 New: Option to use front camera
Improved: Fast switching between 2D/1D viewfinder (scan area can be adjusted by tapping on screen)
Improved: Russian translation thanks to lexeich@qdesnik.com
2012-03-27 v4.2.3 r861 New: Select language from app settings.
Improved Hungarian localization thanks to Istvan Bagi.
2012-03-01 v4.2.2 r849 v4.2.1 & v4.2.2 are minor bug fixes
2012-03-01 v4.2.2 r849 v4.2.1 & v4.2.2 are minor bug fixes
2012-02-21 v4.2.0 r846 New: Viewfinder UI layout (supports landscape and portrait views)
New: Paid functions now FREE: Option to launch app in camera, export History function, expanded History (500)
New: Additional language support
2012-01-31 v4.1.6 r841 New: Check eInvoice results (Taiwan only)
2011-12-27 v4.1.5 r835 Improved: You can now select multiple items from History to delete
Improved: Result screen view and controls
2011-12-12 v4.1.3 r832 Fix: Keeps QR Code color when creating QR Codes and the phone is rotated.
2011-11-08 v4.1.2 r831 New: Scan white on black barcodes (Settings option)
New: Scan count for Location and Event/Calendar barcodes
Improved: Remembers adjusted viewfinder area
Improved: Remembers Structured Append viewer encoding
Fix: Various minor bug fixes
2011-09-23 v4.1.1 r824 Fix: URL parser
2011-08-25 v4.1 r814 New: Interleaved 2-of-5 barcode format support
Fix: Flashlight for Android 2.0 or above
Change: Less required Permissions
2011-07-22 v4.0.7 r810 New: Add app as widget to home screen
Faster initial app start up time
2011-07-20 v4.0.6 r809 New: Preview for location barcodes
New: Flashlight toggle button now on viewfinder
Additional language support (AR, FR, IT)
Minor bug fixes
2011-06-29 v4.0.5 r802 New: Color picker option for creating barcodes
New: Custom logo option for creating barcodes
Minor bug fixes
2011-06-10 v4.0.4 r780 New: Bulk (continuous) scanning option
New: Custom search URL settings option
New: QuickAction toolbar in History (tap barcode icon to launch)
Fix: Returns decode result to 3rd party apps that calls QuickMark via the scan intent
2011-05-31 v4.0.3 r768 Export scan history as CSV (comes with in-app purchase of banner ad removal, OS 1.6 or above)
2011-05-20 v4.0.2 r746 Create more types of barcodes -- SMS/Email/Phone/Calendar Event/Location
Edit your created barcodes, such as: Address Contacts/Bookmark/Free Text/Clipboard
New Create History & Sync
2011-05-04 v4.0.1 r744 Removed Phone State and GPS Permissions
Added Network State Permissions (for ad network)
2011-04-28 v4.0.0 r743 New! Preview website QR Codes
New! Cloud sync your scan history
New! Profile to keep track of your scan achievements
New! Remove banner ads with in-app purchase
New! Option to start app in scanning view with in-app purchase
New! Search and sort your scan history
Fix: https:// open URL bug
2011-02-08 v3.8.5 r718 Fix: Stores encode setting for My Profile
Add UI languages: Polish, Portuguese (Brazil)
2011-01-21 v3.8.5 r715 Add Share options for My Profile QR Code
Fix missing fields when generating QR from Contacts for some devices
Default charset encoding for Japanese locale users set to Shift-JIS
Other misc. fixes
2011-01-17 v3.8.5 r713 Add option to toggle UTF8/SHIFT-JIS charset when generating QR Codes
2011-01-07 v3.8.5 r711 Scan Webpages
Scan Files
Shortcuts to Create or Decode Barcode with Share
2010-12-17 v3.8.3 r682 User adjustable decoding area to improve 1D scanning
2010-12-16 v3.8.2 r679 Add support for Samsung Galaxy Tab
2010-12-06 v3.8.2 r675 Add Japanese localization support
2010-11-16 v3.8.2 r672 1) Add support for UPCA/E
2) Auto open URL now set as default (can be configured in Settings)
3) A link to http://www.quickmark.com/scan in the browser will launch QuickMark
2010-09-17 v3.8.2 r670 Fix crash issue for users running Cupcake
2010-09-15 v3.8.2 r667~669 Allow install to SD for OS 2.2 and above
Minor bug fixes
2010-09-09 v3.8.2 r665 Add sound volume control (Settings)
Add flashlight option (Settings)
Add My Profile function (Share)
App now searchable in Market for small screen devices
Minor bug fixes
2010-08-02 v3.8.1 r658 Minor bug fix
2010-07-30 v3.8.1 r657 Separate 'Create Barcode' and 'Share' into 2 menus
Minor fixes
2010-07-27 v3.8.1 r656 Allow 3rd party apps to use QuickMark for generating barcodes
Share function now accessible in decode result page for sending scanned text to 3rd party apps
Minor fixes
2010-07-26 v3.8.1 r655 Allow 3rd party apps to use QuickMark for scanning barcodes
2010-07-23 v3.8.1 r654 Fix bug in creating barcode from contacts